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To play GovernMental, make sure you are synchronized to the best block and start your geth-node with geth --rpc --rpccorsdomain "http://governmental.github.io"
Play by sending Ether directly to the contract 0xF45717552f12Ef7cb65e95476F217Ea008167Ae3 from any account you own. Winnings are send back to the same account.
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What is this?

This is an educational game which simulates the finances of a government - in other words: It's a Ponzi scheme.

Rule 1

You can lend the government money - they promise to pay it back +10% interest. Minimum contribution is 1 Ether.

Rule 2

If the government does not receive new money for 12h the system breaks down. The latest creditor saw the crash coming and receives the jackpot. All others will lose their claims.

Rule 3

All incoming money is used in the following way: 5% goes into the "jackpot" (capped at 10k Ether), 5% goes to the corrupt elite that runs the government, 90% are used to pay out creditors in order of their date of credit. When the jackpot is full, 95% go toward the payout of creditors.

Rule 4

Creditors can share an affiliate link. Money deposited this way is distributed as follows: 5% go toward the linker directly, 5% to the corrupt elite, 5% into the jackpot (until full). The rest is used for payouts.

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